Types of Hinges used in kitchen cabinets and door

When we hire a Interior Designer to decor our house we ask for perfect design. In the process we focus our attention towards the obvious larger elements (kitchen design, wardrobe design, wallpapers, ceiling design, furniture, etc). But we underestimate the role of hinges, which play equally a important role.

This is why hinges are considered heart of doors. For better use of space, functionalities and longer life of furniture correct type of hinge should be used. There are variety of hinges available in market designed to give different range of motion like soft close, overlay, sliding motion, etc.Thus the Interior Designer must be well acquainted with type of hinges and its functionality.

If the hinges are not choose properly, the entire design could be off. In order to choose correct hinges, first we need to know the type of cabinet frame we are working on.

Features of Hinges:-

Before finding out the types of hinges for cabinets we shall first know the purpose and features of hinges. The feature of a hinge explains it’s usability.

a. Decorative

As the word decorative suggests these hings are mainly for decor purpose. There are conditions in which they serve both the purpose functional and decorative. In this case the decorative part or element of the hinges stays out of the cabinet for decor. But there are hinges which are only for the purpose of decoration. The latter type of hinge is sometimes referred to as a faux hinge. Some people use these when they want a specific look but would also like their cabinet doors to be self-closing or soft-closing and can’t find a decorative hinge that does meets both their functional and aesthetic preferences.

b. Demountable

Demountable hinge gets very handy in use. When a kitchen cabinet or door is attached to something using these hinges the cabinets can be easily demounted when needed.

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