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Yes, we call ourselves “BEST’ because we believe in PERFECTION. The word perfection in the world of interior design suggests a design that brings the client’s dream design to reality. To accomplish such complimenting design we strive to put in a perfect blend of client’s expectation, clients’ needs, client’s budget, and our experience. Thus we offer a false ceiling design that is perfect enough to bring happiness in our client’s eyes.

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pop false ceiling in delhi howrah mumbai

POP False Ceiling

Complete theme-based and custom latest POP False Ceiling design for living room, bed room, kitchen, etc.

gypsum false ceiling in delhi howrah mumbai

Gypsum False Ceiling

Easy to install, low maintenance and standard quality has made Gypsum False Ceiling a better choice over POP False Ceiling.

wooden false ceiling in delhi mumbai howrah

Wooden False Ceiling

Wooden False Ceiling inculcates a natural ambiance and uplifts your house interior. It also acts as a natural acoustic absorbent.

pvc false ceiling in delhi howrah mumbai

PVC False Ceiling

PVC ceiling is made up of lightweight PVC panels. It can be obtained in various sizes, shapes, colors, and, designs.

Fiber false ceiling in delhi howrah mumbai

Fiber False Ceiling

If you want a soundproofing and heat-insulating false ceiling then this type of ceiling should be your choice.

glass false ceiling in delhi howrah mumbai

Glass False Ceiling

Glass is used in a false ceiling to add various design aesthetic to the interior. It also helps in heat insulation.

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    About Designer False Ceiling

    In a world of interior design that has almost always supported the four walls and the pavement, the ceiling or the fifth wall continues to rise in significance. Although there have been many modern false ceiling designs over the years, the shapes, finishes, inventions, and illusions return with a bang.

    With the latest surge of the false ceiling, the elegance of every room – be it office, business complex, residential complex, or theatres, has become easier for people to embellish.

    They will cover up cables while they are energy efficient. In general, false ceilings are used to mask cables, sound insulation, for fire protection, and are moisture resistant.

    What is a False Ceiling?

    A secondary ceiling hanging under the main structural fifth wall ceiling is a false ceiling. For residential and industrial uses False ceiling has been an important element in the construction of new buildings and architecture.

    Whether house owners are planning the refurbishment or interior of a new house, with false ceilings. The false ceiling contributes to the aesthetic beauty of both the house and a bed. The false ceiling also enhances the room with more new LEDs. This false ceiling serves to hide wires, plumbing, air conditioning systems, and water sprinklers in fire reservoirs and industrial areas.

    In other words, it’s a second layer of a metal or wooden structure hanging from the main roof. It is also often referred to as a dropped or fall ceiling or down ceiling.

    Types of Ceiling Material

    False ceiling is a big aspect of your house, which you cannot either neglect or takes lightly. It makes your home look sophisticated and comfortable but regulates your house temperature as well. It even lets you have a peaceful living room with sound absorption. Several designer false ceiling materials are in the market, but the right one to determine for your home is crucial. A false ceiling will do wonders for your home with the right use of paint, texture, and lighting. And the best thing is that every room ceiling in your house will conveniently have a false ceiling.

    So, we need the right material to construct it. Let’s see the list to know the type of false ceilings.

    Gypsum Ceiling

    Made of calcium, gypsum is one of the false ceiling cost materials most widely seen these days. Everything you need to do is pick the desired form, size, and style of the false ceiling and go well. It’s quick to mount and has a clean, smooth finish. They absorb heat and sound, are lightweight, and can be conveniently suspended from the original ceiling from an iron board. In your living room, a false gypsum ceiling will look better.

    The iron frame for building a false ceiling will hang square gypsum boards. In brown, white, red, yellow, and grey colors, a gypsum false ceiling is available. It is also available in a translucent or colorless shape. By finishing them with laminates and paints the aesthetic appearances of the gypsum board ceiling can be improved. Wallpaper and texture finishes are also ideal for the Gypsum board’s false ceiling.

    POP ceiling

    The most widely used material for false ceilings is POP or Plaster of Paris. This material is rapidly established and is made of hemihydrate calcium sulfate, a fine white material that hardens when mixed with water. It is cost-effective, lasts without much wear, and easy to use. POP can be molded into basic or complicated shapes, making it an outstanding choice to fit in any theme. It is lightweight and can be applied at corners as opposed to gypsum. The POP ceiling for bedrooms and halls is excellent.

    In addition to being great heat and cold insulators, the POP fall ceiling is maintenance-free and extremely reliable. Fall ceilings designing can be tailored to various styles. They can have different textures, including continuous and fluid textures, and styles of different shapes, and pop false ceiling designing is what makes it versatile. It is also a very good material for changing lighting conditions. However, POP has the potential to break over time as a significant downside.

    Wooden false ceiling

    Some households want natural scenery and harmony beyond their four walls to express from their interior. It is better done with wooden beams in the roof, providing a wet, rustic look to the building. These wooden panels can be designed to produce different designs on the top to give it a contemporary look.

    Wood false ceilings make your home look sleek and offer a visual appeal. Wood false ceiling adds a layer of arty feel and inspiration to your home. You may use various woodblock designs and textures to give your kitchen or study room a natural appearance. Acoustics are also taken care of. You should use a wood false ceiling if you choose to live with less noise and quiet. Buy some fancy colonnade lights to put on the walls, and your home false ceiling is set up right from a show.

    But false wood ceilings are costly and not as long-lasting as false gypsum or POP.

    Fiber Ceilings

    The vibration- and thermal insulation properties of fiber false ceilings are often considered to be acoustic or vibration-insulating ceilings that are obtained by combining natural and synthesized materials like bitumen, tar, vegetable fiber, wood, and stone. Because of the reinforcements, fiber ceiling tiles are tight, hard, and fire-resistant and are strongly suited in areas of noise, such as shopping centers, showrooms, and offices.

    Fiber-false ceilings are widely common in large stores, outlets and offices. The implementation method is quick and cost-effective. They come in many types and shapes, manufactured from the factory.

    PVC ceiling

    Polyvinyl chloride is a plastic substance used for the manufacturing of various water and thermal resistance and longevity goods. False PVC ceilings panels are often mounted in bathrooms, bedrooms, garages, and elsewhere. It’s light, easy to keep, and still light in your pocket. But the false ceilings are shielding the sun’s UV rays. It best used as a bathroom false ceiling.

    This is one of the better styles of false ceiling for a house, office, or hotel room. PVC false ceiling can be quickly washed and lamps are also covered in ways that make the rooms appear lighter and more vibrant. Different colors, you can also offer it some shape, can be used on this T-bar ceiling. This false ceiling is cost-effective and avoids shock circuits. It is fit for all kinds of weather.

    Metal False Ceiling

    The metal ceiling is ideal for apartments, museums, and office buildings. Mostly cross styles or T-sections include these false ceilings. These rods are then attached to a finishing touch on the ceiling. The metal ceiling’s greatest benefit is that its costs and soundproofing are affordable. Cleaning false metal ceilings is simple and can be embellished by the arts and crafts. You can hang gorgeous lamps on this ceiling, too. If you want an office false ceiling, this is the one.

    Thanks to their longevity, resilience, and noise absorption, they contain aluminum and galvanized iron. Often available in various styles and types, metal false ceilings are easy to maintain. It still has an ancient attraction to it. The ceiling can be decorated if you wish. Although, in contrast to gypsum or POP false ceilings, false metal ceilings are costly.

    Glass ceiling

     As a translucent non-crystalline material, glass is an outstanding material for which the esthetical consistency of a false ceiling can be increased. It has limited application due to its delicate existence, but its fragility can be minimized with the addition of appropriate additives. Its clarity can easily be used to improve the appearance of small spaces. In places such as hospitals, hotels, bookstores, and jewelry shops, glass ceiling panels may be an appropriate roofing solution.

    In public spaces like museums, theatres, and restaurants, the glass ceiling looks fantastic. The concept of glass with wood or metal may be mixed to improve the look of the ceilings. One of the main advantages of the glass ceiling is that it has various styles and colors. It also gives the whole room an expanded appearance. To make this drop-in ceiling more appealing you should put a chandelier or candle lights.

    False Ceiling Cost

    The price for false ceiling depends on a variety of factors such as the specification and the elaboration and decoration of false ceilings; the supply and price of local market and city ceiling materials; the quality of the material used; the overall area to be covered; additional costs such as electrical works, gala cutting, light installations, and surface finishing.

    The false ceiling cost is usually determined by per square feet, from 50 to 350, depending upon the material.

    Types of false ceiling design

    The materials that are in use for false ceiling designing can take any shape. Let’s see some false ceiling types

    Four-sided square ceilings

    This false ceiling is commonly used and preferred by most homeowners. This false ceiling is either rectangular or rectangular, depending on the size of the room. Typically LED strip lights or Cove lights are installed to illuminate or enhance space. Rectangular False Ceiling is the most desirable because it is very cheap relative to other false ceiling designs. It can be planned and constructed faster than the others and, lastly, there are no problems related to scale imperfection or construction as opposed to others.

    Grid False Ceiling

    Grid False ceiling is one of the most commonly used kinds of artificial ceilings in commercial office areas. The ceiling type is suitable for a wide variety of applications. They are suitable for secret cables. Such metal roof panels are mounted on either the T- or cross-sections of steel and are suspended by rods.

    Layered Tray Design

    Stylish and yet basic fall ceiling designs for halls are often equipped with layered plate ceilings. With many trays, this is a perfect choice for those who choose to announce without any additional decorations, shades, adornments, etc. Hall ceilings this get a very sleek look

    Plus Minus Ceiling

    The plus-minus ceiling construction is made entirely out of POP and consists of elements that bulge out of or in contrast to the usual false ceiling. This pattern is more nuanced, so be sure to make a distinction between current decoration and the amount of room before you play this theory.

    Variety of styles for false ceilings

    False Ceiling with a durable material can be molded into any shape and form. They are customized to suit the ceiling style and typically have lighting and air conditioning openings. False ceilings can cover a room and act as effective environmental accents.

    Acoustic Ceilings

    Acoustic ceilings are made from sound absorption Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) and Sound Transmission Class (STC) for sound blocking and are often found in industrial areas where noise controls are integral to interior design. The acoustic ceiling choices are broad range. The basic color can be white or off-white, but before you do, it is necessary to check with the directions of the maker only to make sure that you do not miss any sound-damping characteristics of the carving.

    Open Ceilings

    Open ceilings, particularly in offices and other shopping areas, are all the rage in interior design today. Offering a hip, industrial appearance in every room and raises the room height to make it feel more expansive, often referred to as “exposed structure” or “fullness accessible.”

    Suspended ceiling

    A typical concept is a hanging ceiling with a spotlight in the corners on the surface. The dust accumulation is a downside of the room between the structural and hanging ceilings. It is also vulnerable to rodents such as cakes and lizards.

    Cove lighting

    Cove lighting or mood lighting is another common style for contemporary interiors. It requires a layered system to include an assembly box or recess. The middle part will be reduced or the part on their sides will be reduced and the light source will be mounted on the part boundary. The light source will be mounted at the end. It shows the ceiling glowing and emitting light. Cove lighting is an aesthetic way to light up certain ceilings with LED rope lights. Flexible LED ropes can work comfortably in all shapes of the ceiling.

    Things to keep in mind while selecting a false ceiling for different areas

    1. One bedroom needs to be a quiet oasis for relaxing, but it needs to be luminous enough to read in bed without straining your eyes. Bedroom False ceiling designing can be built with lighting and a fan to provide decent lighting and ventilation for space.
    2. No normal square or rectangle forming a false ceiling or the space walls have to be of the same color as the rest of it. The ceiling color can also be created and synchronized with other items in the room.
    3. In kid’s bedrooms, imaginative or whimsical highlights can be created on the ceiling to add color to luminosity – two key elements in each guestroom. Kids room false ceiling can be versatile.
    4. There are no tough and quick guidelines for how lighting is incorporated in false ceiling designs in dining rooms. In this dining room, which has a frame suspended from the ceiling with lights that drop down to create flashlights, you will be inspired by the creative solution.
    5. A wooden ceiling may look monotonous in a living room that has wood everywhere, including on the walls and the floor. However, with creative ideas like the wood ceiling, the wood is slabbed and a light shines to make a play of colors, a fascinating aspect may be introduced. The living room ceiling should define your home.

    Advantages and Disadvantages of False Ceiling

    The benefits and drawbacks of false ceilings are often split between home inspectors and interior designers. The elegance of the home decor cannot be denied its input. It offers the space a full view and produces numerous decorative ceiling illumination scopes.


    False ceiling lets you monitor the indoor temperature, whether you are on the top floor of your house. The trapped air between the real roof and the false ceiling is an isolator and eliminates the excess load from the AC. The house ceiling becomes more functional.

    False ceiling lowers the height of the ceiling by lowering the amount of room and serves to increase the quality of air conditioning and also tends to conserve electricity bills. Of course, we’re talking about rooms of too much height. The false ceiling in the living room gives a very futuristic look and a nice atmosphere that has a good ceiling height, but you might wonder about lowering the height a little in the bedroom. The false mod ceiling is something we wouldn’t recommend.

    The false ceiling masks the ductwork, the drains, and the electrical cables, giving the ceiling a white, white, free appearance. The false ceiling gives a smooth surface. These ceilings are aesthetically more pleasing and provide versatility in the division of rooms, and allow experiments on shapes and sizes. The false ceiling transforms your ordinary room into a special room. It gives the interior of your space an exquisite finish.

    Getting a false ceiling will change the appearance of your ceiling by encouraging you to add led lights within the ceiling. Led lamps for reading or diffusing lamps for gatherings or a comfortable environment. Instead of placing one or more tube lights inside your room, you can use high-quality LED lights. LED lamps use less electricity and most of them function well for many years.


    One of the main drawbacks of a false ceiling is that it can decrease the height of a room by a few inches or feet when it is hung below the actual ceiling.

    It needs regular servicing and does not have a long life cycle.

    Sagging is likely in the event of a false ceiling and the ceiling is decolored or stained after regular usage for a few years.

    False ceilings are not as sturdy as standard ceilings, particularly in the case of natural disasters such as earthquakes, and could turn out to be fragile. Another risk is the collapse of the mounted fixtures.

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