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G-Shape Kitchen

G shaped kitchens are simply upgraded versions of the versatile u shape kitchen, offering the same but enhanced features of a u shaped kitchen.

Parallel Kitchen

Browse the various parallel kitchen designs in colour, style and shape for parallel modular kitchens in India

L-Shape Kitchen

Select from wide range of L-Shape Kitchen designs from Domov Services gallery

Island Kitchen

Perfect for open kitchen interior design. It makes cooking to dining a breeze

U-Shape Kitchen

Preferred for maximum use of space. Explore our gallery for more designs.

Straight Kitchen

Select from a wide range of Straight Indian style modular kitchen design for small kitchens

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Best Modular Kitchen Service

About Modular Kitchen

Modular Kitchen is a modern interior design concept. The modular kitchen adds beauty to your home. The cabinets and other accessories are available in different styles, colors, and patterns that you can choose from. The term modular comes from module where individual cabinets, drawers, countertop, etc are accumulated and organized together to form a complete kitchen. These kitchens are imperatively designed to offer convenient and time-saving cooking experience. These kitchens are designed according to the floor space of the kitchen, which we often do not see in an ordinary kitchen, thus using the space efficiently and offering more storage options.


 The current trend of Open Kitchens in which no separation between the living hall and kitchen space is getting popularity in the young urban population. This design offers a seamless experience of cooking and having a conversation with your family members in the living hall. Open space kitchen is associated with a big apartment or house. But a small house like 1BHK where one gets every small space for kitchen, modular kitchen is the best option for the kitchen. Since in small space, the modular kitchen offers organized space and a lot more storage space.


Why Call Us?

At Domov Kitchens, we design a kitchen that showcases a balance of beautiful design and functionality. We leave no stone unturned in presenting you with a design which is a perfect blend of aesthetic appearance, storage-friendly and clutter-free modular kitchen that fits into the client's lifestyle. With specific space to store everything, our designer pays close attention to fine details to give you a design with customized cabinets and practical workspace. 

Since we offer 10 years of service warranty we use only the best quality of material for your kitchen. We make our Modular Kitchens using High-Quality Waterproof Plywood, BWP or MDF (if the client wishes for a lower-cost alternative). We offer a variety of finish on the cabinets, Designer Laminates, Glass finish, PU, Acrylic, etc. Fitting and hinges used by us from Ozone hinges and Hettich hinges. 

We do on-time delivery of kitchen with professional staff for perfect and quick fitting. Thus making the whole experience hassle-free.

Our Professionals

Keeping our clients satisfaction our priority we have put together a team of professionals who works together to offer you the best and efficient and beautiful modular kitchen design. Our professionals are highly experienced and certified in designing modular kitchens and making them. Team Domov has been making Modular Kitchen in all most every city in India.


Types of Modular Kitchen​

  • Straight Kitchen

  • L-Shape Kitchen

  • U-Shape Kitchen

  • G-Shape Kitchen

  • Island Kitchen

  • Parallel Kitchen

Designing Modular Kitchen with Domov

What does it include?

  • Free inspection by our professional will be done of the site

  • Professional will recommend you the suitable kitchen type based on the kitchen space

  • Professional will explain to you the best material for kitchen and types of finish done on the wood 

  • 3D drawing for better visualization of the complete kitchen 

  • Complete detailed quotation and payment method will be given

  • On-time delivery with hassle-free installation service

  • 10 years of service warranty

Things to consider?

  • On the first meeting, professional will show you the wood sample and laminates 

  • 3D drawing will be made after the client's confirmation. As 3D drawing is charged separately. 

  • Three range of quotations will be given to the client. The client can opt, one of the quotation, from the three range of quotation depending upon their budget 

  • Payment can be done in three installment


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Ordinary and Modular Kitchen?

An Ordinary Kitchen is the conventionally designed kitchens which we mostly see in Indian houses. These kitchens are basically made by a local carpenter. Being an age-old method, this process feels more relatable and it is easier to manage the budget. But keeping the budget aside, this kitchen offers low quality and the finish of the kitchen is not as good as a modular kitchen. Once made in an apartment it cannot be disassembled and taken to a new apartment.

A Modular Kitchen is modern kitchen furniture making concept. Wherein every cabinet, drawers, basket, counter-top, etc, are assembled together to form a complete kitchen setup. Modular Kitchen promises to offer hassle-free cooking experience because of it's organized setup and functionality. The design makes use of every inch of your kitchen, as a result, you get more storage space. Modular Kitchens are way beautiful than Ordinary kitchens.

What do I get in a modular kitchen?

Optimum Modular Kitchen as the name suggests is a module of cabinets, drawers, countertop, etc, you get following things in a modular kitchen

  • Countertop-  It's a platform on which all the cooking work is done. Which can be of marble, honed granite, stainless steel, concrete, etc.

  • Cabinets-  It is a storage unit inside which cooking utensils are kept. 

  • Basket and Wheel Trolley- are assembled in the cabinet to store and keep different kitchen utensils and food items.

How long does it take to install a modular kitchen?

It will take 1 to 2 days to install a modular kitchen

Can I see a Kitchen visualization before it's installation?

The visualization of your kitchen is one of the advantages of opting for a modular kitchen. At Domov Kitchen, you get a 3D drawing of your kitchen before your modular kitchen making process begins. 

What does a modular kitchen cost?

At Domov Kitchens the basic package for modular kitchen starts from Rs49999/-. However, the cost for modular kitchen highly depends on the type of material is used and the type of finish you wish to have on your cabinet.

Which color is best for a modular kitchen?

There is a color combination that is considered in Indian Modular Kitchen. These are as follows:-

  • Black and White 

  • Emerald and Brass 

  • Dove White and Natural Wood

  • Red and White Color

  • Green Hue and White 

  • Yellow and Grey

Is modular kitchen durable?

Yes, modular kitchens are durable. However, the durability of the kitchen depends on the quality of the plywood is used. High quality of plywoods are resistant to water and treated with chemicals to make it termite-proof.

Which material is good for a modular kitchen? 

The best material which is highly recommended by Domov's professional is Boiling Water Proof plywood(BWP).  

What are the different materials that can be used for making a modular kitchen?

The materials that can be used for making a modular kitchen are:-

  • Boiling Water Proof Plywood(BWP)

  • Marine Plywood

  • Plywood

  • Stainless Steel

  • Wood

  • MDF

How many types of modular kitchen are there?

Regularly we see a Straight shape Kitchen or L-shape Kitchen. But we also see other shapes of the kitchen depending upon the kitchen floor space. Other spaces of the kitchens are as follow:-

  • Straight Kitchen

  • L-Shape Kitchen

  • Parallel Kitchen

  • Islan Kitchen

  • G-Shape Kitchen 

What is an Italian kitchen?

The Italian kitchens are very attractive and are characterized by elegance and high style. They are the perfect blend of traditional and contemporary design. These kitchens have a minimalist interior and open space with lots of natural lights. These kitchen's color shade is mostly ocher, burnt orange, terracotta, gentle yellows, and brilliant blues are often deployed to suggest a relaxed yet elegant Italian lifestyle.

What are the types of finishes in a modular kitchen?

  • Laminate Finish

  • PU Finish

  • Acrylic Finish

  • Glass Finish

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