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With innovative ideas and expertise we offer best designer wall painting ideas in Delhi NCR, Mumbai and Kolkata

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With our best, highly trained and trusted professional house painters enjoy hassle-free and affordable designer wall paint for house painting services in Delhi NCR, Howrah, Kolkata, Mumbai and Patna. Our painters are very well acquainted with latest painting, design and types of paints available in market. As well as equipped with latest tools used for painting, allows our painters to finish their job with utmost efficiency and quickly.  

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Interior House Painting

Complete house interior painting, renovation and touch-up painting services. With customized design and color options, watch your house interior getting transformed with beautiful colors and texture.

Exterior House Painting

Highly skilled and professional painter who can not only make your house look beautiful from outside but will also do an exceptional job in creating a protective layer on the outer walls of your house.

Wall Texture Paint

With our professional painters get your own customized and trending textures on your house walls that goes perfectly with your house interior ambiance as well. We also offer Wall Stencil Designs that not only looks beautiful but also adds an aesthetic appeal to walls. 

Wood Painitng

Wood painting and wood polishing services is one of our trade mark. Our painters are expert in all the major wood polishing techniques like French polishing, Melamine Polishing, PU Polishing, etc

Latest Wall Painting Ideas

Interior Wall Paint

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    Home Wall Paint Services

    About Home Painting

    In cities like Delhi, life is always on the fast track and after a tiring day, all you need is to relax in your house. As colors on walls and lights in the house have an indirect effect on our mood. It is recommended to choose light color shades for your house walls, as light/cool colors impart a feeling of calm and peace to our brains. So, if you are looking to renovate the interior of your house or you are planning to shift to a new house, then do not forget to add a fresh paint job for the walls. As the interior or the exterior design is considered incomplete without interesting colors on the wall that could complement the design aesthetic of the house.

    So, if you are planning for a new paint job for your house or workplace, then you are in the right place as our expert painters offer the best home painting services in Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Kolkata, Patna, Pune, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, etc.

    Our Professional Painters:

    Our expert painters are highly trained to offer top-notch house painting services at a reasonable rate. Our experts know that it is not just about splashing colors on walls, they will also give importance to the factors that will result in a long-lasting and perfect finish. Domov House Painting Experts will also explain to you all the details of different paint types and will give you a detailed quotation so that you could make an informed decision.

    Why Call Domov Painters?

    1. Finding a painter in urban cities is not a tough task. But finding a professional painter who can assure you the best painting services at a reasonable rate and warranty is a tough task. However, if you will call Domov Home Painters you will be insured with hassle-free and premium quality house painting services at a reasonable rate.
    2. Our certified house painting professionals have 10+ years of experience. They are highly trained and well acquainted with all types of paints and contemporary painting designs.
    3. Keeping reliability and cost-efficient painting services as a factor, our professional will provide you a quotation that will be in your budget.

    List of factors which our professional take into account:

    1. Surveying minor damages- For a better finish and long-lasting results of a paint job the surface of the wall must be prepared. Preparation of a surface for painting involves putty filling, applying primers and sanding of the surface, which finally results in a smooth surface. This enables the paint to address to the surface for a long-time and offer a better finish.
    2. Recommending Right Choice- A color shade that looks beautiful and attractive on a computer screen or in a booklet, might not look that appealing in reality. Factors like lighting (both natural and artificial) and paint finish highly influences the look and aesthetic of a paint. So our painters will recommend you the perfect color shade that will go with your house interior design.
    3. Efficient- Expert in their craft, our professional painters know which paint to use, how much to use, and what paint finish will look better depending upon the lighting in the room. Our painters even make sure that there aren’t any unnecessary coats of paint applied, thus preventing any wastage of paint and unnecessary expenditure.
    4. Painting Gears and Equipment- As we promise hassle-free service delivery to our clients. Our painter will carry all the equipment required for painting. Our painter will carry all protective gear to cover the furniture and glasses of your home.
    5. No spills, Marks and No drip-lines- Our professionals make sure that the floor, furniture, etc are covered to prevent any spill or marks.
    6. Time-Saving- Initially when the quotation is given by our painters, they will also give you a deadline for the project completion. Our highly trained painting team with all the equipment required will make sure to finish the job in the promised timeline. However, if an unfortunate event leads to the delay in the project completion, then our painters will inform you in advance.

    Types of Painting Services we offer:

    1. Residential Painting: From touch-up and renovation to complete interior and exterior walls painting services.
    2. Commercial Painting: We take painting contract of office space, hotels, restaurants, educationals space, etc

    Benefits of Hiring a Professional Painter:

    When it comes to painting interior or exterior walls it is better to hire a professional painter. Painting walls seems easy but in reality, it’s not. Even if you have all the tools for painting, it will turn out to be a very tiring and stressful experience. Here are the reasons for hiring a professional painter:

    1. Professional Quality and Results- Although it seems anyone can paint their house but in reality it more than just picking a color and splashing it on the surface of a wall. As you are investing money in it, you would prefer to get the best quality of painting work that adds value and imparts an inviting appeal to your visitors. For delivering such high-quality painting, professional painters usually spent a better part of their lives in perfecting the skill. Thus the decision of hiring a professional painter will always turn out to be wiser.
    2. Time Saving and Timely Completion- If you hire a professional you will enjoy the benefit of timely completion of painting job. As painting companies have a team who are trained to set a deadline and complete the task accordingly.
    3. In-depth Structural Stability Check- One of the most important benefits of hiring a professional painter is that he will first do an in-depth inspection of walls and building structures. If he finds any damage he will first inform you about it and will fix the damage first. Only when the surface is fir for painting he will start the painting work.
    4. New Trends and Patterns- A professional painter is always well aware of the latest trends and patterns evolving in the world of wall paint and designer wall paint decor. With a professional painter, you can customize your house painting colours and wall texture paint. The painter will recommend you the best color and texture design for wall depending upon the lighting conditions of the house.

    Benefits of Hiring a Professional Painter:

    There is more to just choosing a paint finish dependent upon its looks. The paint finishes around the house has to be in accordance with the traffic in the different areas of a house. Thus it is imperative to know the types of paint finishes or sheen and where these finishes work the best. Here is the list of paint finishes:-

    1. Matte or Flat Paint

    • As the name Matte finish suggests it offers a non-reflective and smooth appearance. It hides the nail holes and patch marks on the walls.
    • In comparison with the glossy finish, it requires less coat and is easy to touch-up.
    • Perfect for a section of a house where traffic is less. It can be also used in new construction, drywall, and ceilings.
    • A damp sponge can be used for cleaning but the use of cleaners can damage the paint.

    2. Eggshell Paint

    • Just like an eggshell, this paint finish offers a soft, smooth, and low sheen finish.
    • It is one of the most popular paint finish in Indian houses. It’s perfect for the area which has low-to-mid traffic like living rooms, adult bedrooms, and hallways.

    3. Satin paint

    • Almost pear-like finish and it’s soft or low-gloss sheen has made it the most versatile paint in Indian houses.
    • As it resists mildew and fading and low-gloss which makes it a bit easier to clean has extended its use to both indoor and outdoor walls.
    • It’s perfect for busy indoor areas like children’s rooms and playroom. It’s ideal for humid areas like kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room.

    4. Semi-Gloss Paint

    • Semi-gloss paints come in between high-gloss and satin paints in terms of sheen and durability.
    • It offers better resistance to moisture in comparison to a satin finish. It is perfect for high-humidity areas like the bathroom and kitchen.
    • It’s high durability and easy maintenance makes it perfect for heavy traffic room. But it fails to hide most blemishes on walls.

    5. High-Gloss Paint

    • This finish offers the highest-gloss or reflective surface. 
    • It’s high sheen and glass-like finish make it perfect for doors, wooden cabinets, etc.
    • It offers the highest level of durability, thus it is perfect for outdoor shutters, doors, and windows.
    • In comparison to a matte finish or any other fewer gloss finishes, it requires more coating or layering.
    • Thus it is highly recommended to clean and smoothen the surface properly for fewer layers of paint and optimum finish.