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Best Furniture Polishing Service

About Furniture Polishing Services

Every Indian family has wooden furniture heirlooms or a treasured piece of furniture laying around. Over time, this wooden furniture loses its natural shine, natural oil and moisture, which eventually makes your furniture persistable to damage due to termites. For taking care of this issue and restoring the natural beauty, color, and shine of the wooden furniture, the polishing of wood is done. Wood polishing work has been in practice since time immemorial. The purpose of the polishing of wood is to create a protective layer on the exposed surface of the wooden furniture. This layer nourishes the wood with natural oil and moisture, as well as it gives the furniture a finish which can be glossy, non-glossy, matte finish, etc.

So if you are looking for a professional who can take care of your old wooden furniture. Then your search ends at Domov Services, our professionals are highly experienced in restoring wooden furniture. Our furniture polishing experts are competent in repairing any damaged portion of the furniture due to weather conditions or due to termite and removing dirty waxy layer buildup on the surface and restoring your furniture's sheen and luster.

Why Call Domov Services?

We believe in offering a hassle-free service to our clients with an optimum goal of achieving the client's satisfaction. When it comes to furniture polishing services, our experts have acquired the reputation of the best furniture polishing services provider in Delhi NCR.

  • Wooden Furniture Polishing:

    We offer polishing service of all kinds of wooden furniture and wooden floor

  • Experience:

    Our carpenter and polishing experts are highly skilled and furniture polished by our experts makes your furniture stand out from the rest

  • Services Warranty: 

    With Domov Services our clients always get a post-services warranty. 

  • The option of choosing from

    a wide range of colors and shade of polish

    makes our furniture and wooden floor polishing services the best in town.


Types of Furniture Polishing services we offer?

When it comes to wooden furniture polishing services, there are several types of polish that we offer:

  • Varnish Polish

    - Varnish is a popular finish for raw and unfinished wooden furniture. The finish obtained is transparent and hard protective finish. It is done as the last step of wood protection measures and helps in enhancing wood's natural tones & grains. Its final touch forms a hard layer that offers high gloss and protection.

  • French Polishing

    - French Polishing is the most traditional form of furniture polishing work. It forms thin layers of a very high glossy surface and can form deep color contrast. The following polishing practice develops a thin coat of shellac dissolved in denatured alcohol. Shellac mixture is lubricated with oil. Thus it can be said that shellac is the main component of french polishing. It is considered the most beautiful wooden finish.

  • Lacquer Polishing

    - It is the fastest drying polish layer done on wooden furniture. This polish is done several thin coating of the polish. It forms the film which is more durable than shellac. Lacquer polish gets dry very quickly, this benefits the layer to dry before the dust settles on the surface of the polished layer thus dust-free finish.

  • Melamine Polishing

    - Melamine is an organic compound which is a mixture with formaldehyde to produce melamine resin. Melamine Polishing is not internationally used it is preferred within the Indian family. Melamine polish is more durable than French-Polish, though the resin is thin. It's has a very valuable property of fire resistance and heat tolerant.

  • Polyurethane Polishing

    - It is plastic but in liquid form. It forms a hard protective layer that absorbs scratches & dings. The polish forms a very glossy surface, unlike varnish polish polyurethane polish eventually with time glossy surface, gets dull. The polish mixture can be both water and oil-based. Polish finish varies from satin to glossy.

Hiring Guide?

You can hire us in two easy steps, by booking through our website or by just calling or texting us on Whatsapp.

What is included in Furniture Polishing Services?

  • All the material required will be provided by our expert

  • Polishing will be done at your at your place. For any reason if the work cannot to be done at your place, then work will be done at the workshop of the expert

  • Before polishing the furniture, our expert will discuss with you about the color and shade choice you want 

What to consider in Furniture Polishing Services?

  • Hassle-free and on-time services delivery is our promise

  • Guaranteed used of genuine products

  • It is recommended to book your appointment one day prior in advance

Frequently Asked Questions?

Is there any consultation/visit charge?

Yes, there is a visit charge of Rs199/-. The visit charge is payable only when if you do not avail our services after the inspection is done 

What is the procedure to book a furniture polishing services of Domov Services?

After filling the "Get Quote Form" on our website, our customer support executive will contact you and appoint an expert based on your services requirement

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