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Which is better Acrylic Finish or Laminate Finish?

With the rising popularity of Modular Kitchens in the Indian family, the dilemma of selecting an aesthetic finish is quite a task. To give a kitchen the high-end modern look and aesthetic appeal a superlative finish like laminate, acrylic, polymer, membrane foils, and more is done on the cabinets.

Each of these finishes differs in terms of durability, appearance, and pricing. However, Laminate and Acrylic cabinet finishes are the most popular in India. Read more about the Laminate and Acrylic finish to make an informed decision to pick the best cabinet finish for your kitchen

What is an Acrylic Finish?

Acrylic is a high-quality syntectic plastic material made up of polymer fiber or plastic resins. It imparts a high-end reflecting, glossy and mirror-like finish to the surface of the cabinet. Acrylic sheets are smooth, seamless, and look as if the cabinets are painted in a glossy finish. Acrylic sheets are formed by the process of bulk polymerization. Available in a wide range of colors, shades, and textures.

Acrylic Finish- Pros

  • High reflective and glossy look of acrylic finish makes the kitchen look sophisticated and imparts an inviting appeal.
  • Availability in a vibrant range of colors gives the freedom of selecting the perfect aesthetic design that can go with the house interior.
  • High resistance towards moisture and UV-light allows it to retain its sheen for years. Thus ensuring that the kitchen does not look dull with time.
  • Durability towards wear and tear restains the possibility of tarnish, delaminating, and chipping issues.
  • Maintenance is very easy as it can be cleaned by regular wiping and once a year with warm soapy water.

Acrylic Finish- Cons

  • The glossy mirror-like finish makes it look good but it’s prone to fingerprints and shows smudges. Thus requires regular cleaning or wiping.
  • It is not advisable to use if the kitchen is for commercial or rough use. As it is prone to scratches.
  • Costlier than laminate finish.

What is a Laminate finish?

Laminates are artificial sheets widely used for both conventional (carpentered) as well as modular kitchen cabinets. The Laminate sheet is made by pressing layers of paper and plastic resin sheets together. They are usually categorized as high-pressure and low-pressure laminates. The former is used on plywood, while the later is used on MDF or particle boards.

Laminate Finish- Pros

  • Vibrant colors and finishes such as natural wood finish, glossy, matte, ultra-glossy, and texture finishes give an edge to the laminates finish, as one can explore a wide range of design and aesthetic of modular kitchen designs.
  • Good quality laminates are highly resistant to moisture and UV-lights. It has better durability characteristics than an acrylic sheet.
  • Pricing of a laminate sheet also makes it the first choice for many Indian families. It costs much lesser than an acrylic sheet.
  • Improving technology has discovered a fire retardant laminates

Laminate Finish- Cons

  • Although you can get an ultra-high gloss laminate, it cannot match the reflective characteristics of an acrylic sheet.
  • Low-quality laminates tend to de-laminate with time. Thus making it prone to chipping, once the chipping starts it cannot be repaired.
  • Laminates tend to lose it sheen with time, which makes the kitchen look dull.

Kitchen Design Trends in 2020

The new kitchen designs have seen a very interesting mix and match of both acrylic and laminate finishes. In this mix and match design, upper cabinets which receive the maximum lights in the kitchens get the acrylic finish. As the acrylic finish is highly reflective and glossy it makes the kitchen look bigger and brighter. The lower cabinets which are entitled to experience maximum wear and tear, thus laminate finish is done on the lower cabinets. This mix design offers a wide and dynamics to the kitchen design which can make the kitchen look much better in a tight budget too.

Acrylic and Laminate Mix Kitchen Design

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