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Types of AC Refrigerant

Refrigerant is a compound found in both liquid and soil states. It is a cooling agent having the property to absorb heat from a closed room or a refrigerator. So when it is used in a closed system, where it undergoes through phase changes i.e from liquid to gas on absorbing heat and back to liquid state when compressed in a compressor, it helps in lowering the temperature of the room.

Types of Refrigerant:-

  1. R 12- Commonly known as CFCs was used in the 1990s and 2000s. It was the primary choice as a refrigerant until it’s potential to harm the Ozon layer was discovered. Thus phasing out CFCs got imperative.
  2. R 22- Phase out of R 12 and the need for an alternative lured the manufacturer to produce R 22 commonly known as HCFCs. Until 2016 50%-60% of Indian AC uses R22 as the refrigerant. However, R 22 was just a marginal improvement over R 12 as it was not completely environment-friendly because of its chlorine content.
  3. R 410A- Also know as HFC, it is better than R 22 as it has zero Ozon layer depletion potential and high energy efficiency. Its demerit is that it has a global warming potential. Other forms of HFCs are R 32 used in AC and R 134A used in the refrigerator. However, R 32 is considered better than R 410A as it has a lower global warming potential.
  4. R 290 and R 600A- Chemical name of R 290 is “Propane” and the chemical name of R 600A is “Iso-Butane”. It is completely halogen free and has zero Ozon layer and Global warming potential. It is also the most energy-efficient refrigerant found in the market. It comes with its flaws, as both of them are flammable. However, Air Condition unit manufacturer using R 290 or R 600A claims zero cases of the refrigerant catching fire in India.

So if you are looking for high energy efficiency and environment-friendly refrigerant then go for R 290 and R 600A. If you need an expert for your AC gas refilling services contact us, we offer the best AC Services in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, etc.

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