How to clean wooden furniture and types of wood polish

How to clean wooden furniture and types of wood polish

Wooden furniture are lifetime assets ans can stay in a family for generation if proper care is taken. In India wooden furniture which generally stays in a family for more than one generation gets emotional attachment. Of all the responsibilities that come with taking care of your home. It gets imperative to pay special attention to your wooden furniture.


There are two conventional way to keep in check your furniture health. Firstly, by regular cleaning(dusting) of the wooden furniture and periodic furniture polish to retain wood’s lustre and protection from external damage.


How to clean wooden furniture?

Before going into details of cleaning wooden furniture. There is an underwhelming practice of placing protective mats or pads under furniture to prevent the wood from scratching- otherwise, every other efforts will be in vain. Here are the tips explain how to clean wooden furniture.

  • Dusting is the first step in the cleaning process.

  • Make sure to attach a dusting brush on your wooden furniture to avoid scratching it. If you do not have a dusting brush attachment, opt for a soft microfiber cloth instead.

  • Then apply a specialized wood cleaning product- always follow the instruction on the label, and choose your product to suit the finish on your furniture.

First-aid of wooden furniture 

To give your furniture a professional deep cleaning you have to know what kind of wood finishing you are dealing with. So as to opt for suitable cleaning procedure for that particular finish.

Note- Always check the label of any cleaner to make sure that it’s suitable for your furniture. And it’s always recommended to test the cleaner on a small spot of your furniture, to avoid any misshapen.

As it’s better to be safe than sorry.


Furniture Polishing

Furniture Polishing the final step in the measures taken to protect wooden furniture. It is basically

creating a protective layer on the exposed surface of the furniture. This protective layer helps the wood to retain moisture and natural oil of wood as well as it give the furniture a finish which can be glossy, non-glossy, matte finish, glass finish, etc. Thus making the furniture look beautiful with the essence of antiqueness.


Types of furniture polish:-

  1. Varnish Polish- Varnish is a popular finish for raw and unfinished wooden furniture. The finish obtain is transparent or hard protective finish or film. It is done as a last step in wood protection measures and helps in enhancing wood natural tones & grains. It’s final hard layer is for gloss and protection.

  2. French Polishing- French Polishing is the most traditional form of furniture polishing work. It form thin layers of very high glossy surface and can form deep colour contrast. The following polishing practise develops thin coats of shellac dissolved in denatured alcohol. Shellac mixture is lubricated with oil. Thus it can be said that shellac is the main component of the french polishing. It is considered the most beautiful wooden finish.

  3. Lacquer Polishing- It is the fastest drying polish layer done on wooden furniture. This polish is done several thin coating of the polish. It forms the film which is more durable than shellac. Lacquer polish get dry very quickly, this benefits the layer to dry before the dust settle on the surface of polished layer thus dust-free finish.

  4. Melamine Polishing- Melamine is an organic compound which is mixture with formaldehyde to produce melamine resin. Basically it is not internationally used it is preferred with in Indian family. Melamine polish is more durable than French Polish, though the resin is thin. It’s has a very valuable property of fire resistance and heat tolerant.

  5. Polyurethane Polishing- It is basically plastic but in liquid form. It forms a hard protective layer that absorbs scratches & dings. The polish forms very glossy surface, which eventually begins to dull. The polish mixture can be both water and oil-based. Polish finish varies from satin to glossy.

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